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Written by Nash on Tuesday, January 1, 2008 at 11:56 AM

Kina Grannis
University of Southern California [Genre:Pop]

Kina was born on August 4, 1985 in Mission Viejo, California. In high school, she used to mess around on her aunt's too-big Martin. Then, for her 16th birthday, she got her very own Kina-sized guitar, started learning chords and writing songs. Her first gig was at Diedrich Coffee in Mission Viejo, where she was also employed dispensing caffeinated beverages to bleary-eyed commuters. Since then she's performed at a variety of venues around Orange County. Now a student at the University of Southern California, she's also played at various LA venues, including USC, the Ragazzi Room, Genghis Cohen, The Cat Club, and the Knitting Factory.

Kinna recently shot to fame by siging song titled gotta digg. it was featured in diggs. this helped her to get a contract with major record label.

some on mtvU website. i personally like the the song down and gone from the album in memory of singing.

As of recently, all three of Kina's cds can be purhcased on iTunes! Check them out here:


james taylor, k's choice, sarah mclachlan, jason mraz, jump little children, damien rice, among others perhap

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